Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

The Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor (SHU 1,463,700) chilli peppers are extremely hot and so spicy that handlers are advised to wear protective gloves and  the fumes so strong when preparing the products that it  is recommended that  a mask be worn.

However, apart from that… will find them really tasty and full of flavour that  will add an extra relish to your prepared meals for you and your family to thoroughly enjoy. They are also delicious and ideal for making salsas and dips.  And those of you who enjoy a spicy cuisine will surely love the new experience that Trinidad Scorpion brings to your  table.

While you can  look forward to a memorable great taste then, I should perhaps point out to be prepared to perspire, pant and even cry a little….. but, in the other hand,  you can look forward to feeling  the pleasure of  a warm  sensation throughout your body thereafter….

Trinidad Scorpion Products

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